‘You Need to Have Trust and Confidence in Yourself to Be Bold’: From an Award-Winning Chief Marketer

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Teresa Barreira

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Publicis Sapient
May 24, 2024 at 2:37PM UTC

What does the double Stevie Award-winning Chief Marketing Officer at Publicis Sapient, Teresa Barreira, have to say about being a leader?

Well, to find out, we asked Barreira a quick-fire round of questions about what makes a great leader, why it's vital to advocate for diverse teams, where she finds work to be the most meaningful and how she spent her additional company holiday with her sons. Read her answers below!     

Five quick-fire questions with Teresa Barreira.    

Congratulations on the two Stevie Award wins! We're keen to dig into your inspiration...

1. You won the Female Thought Leader of the Year Award. Where do you go to learn? Can you share any resources, links or podcasts? 

I’m a big fan of Fareed Zakaria and watch GPS on CNN most Sundays. I also follow Scott Galloway and love listening to his podcasts, Pivot and The Prof G Show.

2. Your second win was for Female Executive. In one sentence, what is the best advice that you have ever had as a female leader?

Trust yourself and be bold. You need to have trust and confidence in yourself to be bold.

3. You're an advocate for diverse teams and known for hiring non-marketing folks into your Marketing team. In your opinion, what is the greatest strength of having diverse teams?

Diversity drives innovation. Hiring a diverse set of individuals has made our team better. By bridging gaps across race, ethnicity, gender and career backgrounds, our team members grow comfortable in being themselves and sharing their own unique ideas. It builds diversity of thought, greater creativity and fuels innovative thinking across the team.

4. Employees at Publicis Sapient were recently given an additional company holiday to honor World Mental Health Day. How did you spend your day off?

I spent the day with my sons outside. I wanted to do this before it gets too cold here in Toronto or we go into another lockdown. We went out to dinner and sat on a patio.

5. Final question: Where do you find work has been the most meaningful?

At the beginning of 2021, I said that this year will be all about empowerment — empowering leaders and teams. I try to constantly put that into action by seeking opportunities to empower my team through our culture and by building an environment where individuals can learn and grow, cultivate skills they’re interested in, take risks without fearing failure and be recognized for their success.

Launching the Marketing Discovery Internship Program this past summer was a memorable experience. Our nine interns came from diverse and unique backgrounds, and, for most, this was their first foray into a corporate environment. They spent the summer learning all about marketing. More than 85% were first-generation college students, and the most meaningful aspect was being able to expand their horizons and show them all the possibilities that exist in their future. 


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