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Jen Slagle
Career Coach
Group Career Coaching
“OMG! I hate this job…” I received that text from a client the Monday after Thanksgiving break. Can you relate? She wanted to crawl in bed and hide. It seemed like the only solution to making it through her day. I’m curious, + Do you feel disconnected from your work and your peers? + Are you frustrated that your ideas are getting dismissed or overlooked? + Have you been laid off and know it’s time for a change but don’t know what to do? + Do you wake up each morning dissatisfied with your job and wishing it felt more like “you?” + Do you long for a new career that uses your talents? + Are money fears keeping you from making the job change you desire? + Do you want a career that you can say you, love? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to join group career coaching starting in January 2021! The Design Your Dream Career program is for women who want a deeper level of success, fulfillment, and joy at work. This transformational group will give you a clear roadmap to achieve the career success you desire. And the best part? You are not going to go at it alone. Why Career Group Coaching? This powerful and influential program will jump-start a change in your career. You will receive empowering group support to make the significant career changes you want to make, all at an affordable price. Here are just a few ways group career coaching is for you! >> Save money – The group career coaching format gives you access to my top career coaching support and saves you over 30% of my private one-on-one coaching. >> Community support – Combining like-minded, empowered women offers a unique level of support and input from both myself and the group members. >> Increased accountability – The group dynamic encourages accountability, moving you faster and more effectively when others are there for support. >> Your network grows – When you become part of a support community, your network and community will expand exponentially! >> Increased energy – When you help others, you not only are helping them but likely giving yourself a little boost in energy as well. Sharing your expertise and know-how with others will feel empowering! Program Details My 5 Steps to Design Your Dream Career program will prepare you for what’s ahead, all while remaining accountable, focused, and unstuck. The program consists of thought-provoking group coaching sessions, various assessments, and tools to set you up for success. Cracking the code on what’s holding you back while hearing feedback from your peers will prove to be a significant key to your success. Group career coaching is useful when all parties show up for one another. They bring support and accountability. We will meet virtually via zoom for four months. The initial session will be one-on-one. We will debrief your results from the Get Unstuck Assessment. The remaining 11 sessions will all be in a group format. Professional women supporting one another during this time of uncertainty will encourage accountability. The program will guide you through concrete approaches and strategies that will unlock your power, confidence, and ability to create the career you want. Whether you are looking to enter a new field or make a pivot and unsure where to go, let’s connect. There is no reason to feel alone and overwhelmed. Perhaps this is your answer.
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