Asking for a raise after negotiating pay rate/Job seems to be trying to get over. | Fairygodboss
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Asking for a raise after negotiating pay rate/Job seems to be trying to get over.
This is kinda long, so bear with me please. I got a new job back in September 2019 working part-time Mon-Sat. I work in an essential industry, so when the pandemic hit, I started working full-time hours without it ever being official I.e. no benefits. This was okay with me, because my part-time hourly rate was more than the full-time rate, and I already have outside insurance. This lasted from March-August. In August, I was told I could no longer work full-time hours at part-time status after everyone was back in the office full-time. Again, okay with me. However, while everyone that still worked there was back in the office, 4 people had left (1 fired, 3 quit). Short staffed, the company continuously asked me to come on full-time. The full-time pay rate is $3 less than part-time, and I really had no desire to be in the office all day (8AM-6PM during the pandemic, 7AM-7PM normally). I tried to negotiate a higher pay rate to no avail, and since being full-time wasn’t a priority for me, I forgot about it. Finally in October, my supervisor came to me again stating that they could pay me $2.50 more than the average full-time rate—$.50 less than my part-time rate. With a merger in the works, I was promised that there would also be another raise by the start of the new year. My supervisor also ensured that I would get training in other areas—something I had asked for (I am currently underpaid and underemployed and would like a more challenging role with more compensation). I decided to go for it. Here lies my problem. Since coming on full-time (Oct. 26), I have been trained in another role— a role that is a promotion from the one I am currently in. Last week, I was told I needed to move beyond training and actually performing duties in this role, in addition to my current role. I didn’t mind as much, because it would help give me practice with hopes of eventually being promoted into this role. On Monday (Nov. 16) I was called into my supervisor’s office to sign paperwork stating my job duties (I had already signed similar paperwork when I officially started full-time.). The job title was “my current role/new role.” Additionally, the responsibilities of the other role had been added to my list of job duties. I asked my supervisor about this, and she said it was nothing. Just a list of things I’m doing right now. Clearly, I can read, but why am I signing these papers, and what does this mean? She never gave me an answer and just told me to sign, which came across as shady and made me uneasy (This same supervisor has previously called me spoiled for asking questions and advocating for myself). Basically, they are giving me additional duties without officially promoting or compensating me. I’m not sure if they feel as if this is okay because they gave me a higher full-time rate than normal, but I accepted the full-time status and rate based on my responsibilities at the time. If I’m going to be doing another job, I want to be compensated accordingly! Do I now ask for a raise? What do I do?!

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