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Dr. Vivian Smith-Del Toro, DBA
C-Suite Paradigm: Strategies for Women Leaders
The C-Suite Paradigm: Strategies for Women's Economic Impact and Empowerment
Dr. Vivian Smith-Del Toro (Dr. Vivian) achieved a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from Michigan State University, Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctorate in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Dr. Vivian authored, "The C-Suite Paradigm: Strategies for Women’s Economic Impact and Empowerment". Dr. Vivian is the Founder and CEO of Global Executive Business Consultants (GEBC). GEBC is a business research, Project Management, and global leadership development consultancy with a focus on driving Lean Enterprise Transformation and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging. In 2021 GEBC will launch a 10-year longitudinal research study, “The C-Suite Paradigm”. The C-Suite Paradigm Project mission is to deploy 200 Executive Coaches working with 20,000 executive women to fill the C-suite pipeline over the next 10 years to achieve parity in the C-suite of Fortune 500 companies in the U. S. by 2030. This research project lead by Dr. Vivian endeavors to disrupt the status quo and gain momentum for the economic impact and empowerment of women executives in Fortune 500 companies “C-Suite Paradigm” and be the catalyst for the transformation of Global 500 companies for cultural competence and exponential growth and development. Local and global leaders must accept and embrace the full potential of the entire human race; racial and gender equality, equity, and ending women's suffrage can heal our nation and our world.
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1 Comment

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