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Mary Donohue Miele
Dream Big, Dig Deep!
Be Ahead Of The Curve.
The world is changing. I had to really take a look at who I am in these evolving times. I realized that I need to have more than one avenue to bring in leveraged income. With the world as it is today we are now moving in a new direction in the workplace. It’s time to flip the switch on the ways we do business. Days of sticking with one job at one place are slowly being replaced by the “gig” economy. Multiple avenues to stream in leveraged income. I know longer want to trade time for money. I want to be a business owner securing my own financial future. I’m working with a team to expand my company’s patents globally. The expanding of a new way of taking care of your health through Nutrigenomics & biohacking your DNA. A publicly listed company, with patents and in the pre-momentum stage. I’m looking to build teams and coaches. If you are also looking to stop trading time for money and want to explore this amazing opportunity please reach out. All i need is 15 minutes of your time to see if you get as excited as I am. Thanks, Mary
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1 Comment

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