I recently self-published a children's book about the pandemic titled "Archie's Dragon. | Fairygodboss
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Patti Cornelius
I recently self-published a children's book about the pandemic titled "Archie's Dragon.
" It is the story about an 8-year-old boy named Archie who can't have a birthday party with friends due to the pandemic. A wool-felted dragon made by his grandmother helps him discover what really matters during these scary times. I am a member of a worldwide wool-felting group. I took a dragon-making course online. From that, the story of Archie's Dragon began to take shape. Another wool-felter, Angel Orton, a frontline nurse from Caro, Michigan, offered to design and build the backdrop to Archie's adventure. What's even more compelling is that while she was building the set, she shared her involvement with other frontline workers. They wanted to get involved as well and donated treasures to Angel to incorporate in the background. They found this to be a form of therapy from their daily work. Angel built this massive-scale fort that took up her entire garage, and she added so much detail that I created a seek-and-find game for the readers. The 52-page, full-color, soft cover book was published in November 2020. In January 2021, NBC News highlighted Jennifer Martin, a Texas teacher who built a library in her garage. I reached out to Jennifer and donated 35 copies of my book along with wool hearts and stickers. These books went her students who lived in remote areas of Texas. Although I have not been able to visit schools to read my book, I have connected with elementary school students in Florida, New Jersey and Pennsylvania via Zoom. The book is for children ages 4-8. If you are interested in receiving a complimentary copy of Archie's Dragon, contact me at pcornelius53@yahoo.com To find out more about how my needle-felted characters were made and read reviews, visit archiesdragon.com

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