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LaToria Bolden
Mom Boss. Wife. Influencer. Let's Be Friends
Moms Take Care Of Yourself?
Hello ladies!!! Did you know I own my own e-commerce store- that sells all the essentials needed TODAY!!! Beauty, Wellness, Home and Health! During these times we need to take care of our health! I need a favor?I’m trying to hit a goal this month and I would love to help serve you! Please fill out this survey and as a Thank you you will receive a FREE gift from me!(be sure to include email, address, full name, and phone-I don’t spam I promise) Here is the link to the survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Y9DX6GQ Here is a link to my store: https://www.amway.com/myshop/SmartSaving Our Amperks Program Offers: Free to join Earn points on product purchases that accumulate to rewards for future purchases. Free ground shipping on orders of $99 or more, bonus points for first time sign-up, as well as additional points for qualifying DITTOTM orders. Two points for every dollar spent on qualified purchases, personalized shopping recommendations and exclusive promotions and incentives. Recommend products: Amway Multi Purpose Wipes Nitro lite Wellness Bars G&H Hand Soap G&H Protect-Advanced Hand Sanitizer with Pro-Vitamin B5 Amway Home™ Intro Bundle Immunity Gummies Nutrilite Women's Pack Za Energy Drinks I just need 3 ladies to help me out! I will also send a FREE sample pack and catalog. Talk Soon!
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