What do YOU do after you get LAID OFF? As an Executive Career Change Coach, here is what I NORMALLY see happen with people. 1. They curl up in a ball over the weekend, in a state of shock. 2. The following week, they panic and shoot their resume out to as many job opportunities as possible.  (Spray and pray method.) 3. They might even post their resume on LinkedIn, thinking this will get them a job faster.  (Don’t do this.) 4. They remember they are supposed to “network” so they reach out to former colleagues with whom they haven’t spoken to in ages and ask them to connect them with any “relevant” opportunities.   5. As the weeks go by, they beat themselves up when they feel they haven’t done “enough” to get a new job.  They keep themself up into the midnight hours pouring over online job boards.  They berate themselves for not feeling motivated enough.  They wonder what they should have or could have done differently to keep their job. If you catch yourself in a similar cycle after a layoff, STOP before you send out that next resume. Click below to read the rest of my latest article and learn the FIRST thing you need to do after you get laid off. Know someone this could help? Share away. | Fairygodboss

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Betty Kempa, CPC, ELI-MP
Executive Career Change Coach
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