Best of Java: How to get flex relaunching or pivoting careers FREE TRAINING 7/21 12 noon CT @workmuse FB. Hi #WorkMuses! We're backkkkk!!! After a short live training pause to reassess and add finishing touches to Job Share Academy (coming SOON to empower you to #jobshare THIS YEAR), we've heard from many of you that you miss your *free* weekly FB Live training so... we are bringing back with fan faves for you (same time, same place)!! These are curated lives you've shared with us that you got the very most out of. We will post them at Work Muse AND here in our group. HERE IS HOW IT WILL WORK: 1. You will get the invite Mondays in your notifications 2. RSVP "GOING" to remind yourself (even those with the best intentions will forget, so RSVP yes) OR get the link in your weekly newsletter (Here is tomorrow's https://www.facebook.com/842912469096379/videos/2646874635377435/) 3. And I'll meet you there LIVE Tuesday 12 noon CT in a FB Watch Party to answer any questions you have in the comments! Last week, we started with our inaugural Job Share Java FB live to give you a look behind the curtain into my job share. This Tuesday we'll give all of you relaunching after a career break or pivoting careers the 411 + some great resources! It's good to be back and I can't wait to help you realize your work + life goals!! See you mañana 12 noon! Melissa Work Muse Founder P.S. workmuse.com/newsletter (if you haven't signed up yet!) P.P.S. workmuse.com/waitlist (Job Share Academy waitlist - first-in specials and details) | Fairygodboss
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Melissa Nicholson
The U.S. job share expert | workmuse.com
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