For the last Two Tuesdays, I have led a Zoom Event for the Women's Network at work. I called it, "Strength through the Stress." I capped it at 15 people because I wanted it to be small and intimate so that employees had a safe space to talk about life during quarantine right now. I just want to say, that event, just brought on the waterworks. I don't even have words to be honest. It just brought all types of feelings for me and how our employees are doing. Truthfully though, THEY'RE NOT OKAY. Relationships are falling a part, mom-shaming is happening on the decision to return to school, anxiety is setting in because things are outside of control.. Then work comes into play. Some of them are going straight from an anxiety attack to taking calls not even five minutes later. We did talk about resources, we gave advice to one another, and they asked for our network to keep offering this session, so that is what I am going to do. So I just want to say, one on ones are important right now. Taking time out of your day to say, "No, how are you REALLY?".. Check on your people, remind them of the resources that they have at their disposal. What they need right now, is for you to be as human as you can possibly be, and allow them a space of vulnerability. #wellbeing #empathyinaction | Fairygodboss
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"I don't fail. I either WIN, or LEARN."
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