Hi! I can’t wait for the day Fairygodboss shows us who members are when they join, but that doesn’t mean we can’t remedy it! Let's introduce ourselves and welcome our new members! Aside from a community of like-minded folks who value work-life balance AND their careers, we share valuable resources — especially those pivoting or relaunching —and discuss issues like workplace equity, relevant laws, and the work-life struggles we all face. 3 WAYS FUTURE JOB SHARERS CAN USE THIS GROUP: 1) Connect with & find your job share partner!! ?? Boost your job success — invite 5 friends & DM them to share why! ?‍♂️ 2) Job share J-O-B-S! Rare and precious, we post job share job opps here! Sign up for our newsletter to get them in your inbox once a month —> http://eepurl.com/bImKgz 3) FREE lessons including join me every week at 12n CT for Job Share Java LIVE! —your personal training at Work Muse FB page, links posted here Tuesdays directly following. As we face these uncertain times, you can count on finding frequent and real support within this community. In fact, job sharing is even more relevant as a solution to employers *during* this time. Below is a pic of our family (Mel, Sam, Mike, Iris) during less pandemic-y times. Hamilton! I founded the first U.S. job share company — Work Muse (workmuse.com) — in 2015 to empower working moms (and everybody!) to find the true work-life balance I'd experienced working in the 24/7 radio industry for nearly a decade starting when my daughter was 6 months old. Job sharing was LIFE CHANGING allowing me to shine as a top-performing leader while working three days a week with a supportive partner. There's a reason job sharers are the happiest, most loyal and productive employees but... there was ZERO training for employers or employees, and thus Work Muse was born. My goal is to empower you with a step-by-step roadmap to job share success! It’s been an honor to coach so many job sharers and future job sharers as well as consult companies, and I’m beyond thrilled to launch ? Job Share Academy this spring to help you create your rewarding job share (should you choose to) this year! I'm so excited YOU are here! 2020 is your year to live life + slay work ALL my best, Melissa Workmuse.com | Fairygodboss
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Melissa Nicholson
The U.S. job share expert | workmuse.com
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