Start the year off on a high note! Many people pivot or decide to make a change in job, life, routine, relationship whichever area has you in a space that has not helped in reaching your happiness set point. So, the skinny to improve your level happiness is: One: be present now. Life is about the journey not the destination. So enjoy being in the moment. Two: Gratitude literally retires your brain toward the positive. Focus on what is working and celebrate by being thankful. Three: If you lost your mojo, chances are you lost meaning somewhere along the way. Doing what provided meaning fosters fulfillment. When we are fulfilled we are feeling good! 4. It takes the same amount of energy to think positive as it does a negative thought. The more you learn to see the positive even in a negative scenario the happier you will be for the long term. Afterall, most negativity is temporary. Looking for more clarity, courage and happiness, feel free to reach out for a free breakthrough session. https://jackieruka.as.me/coffeechat | Fairygodboss
Mystery Woman
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