Your Happiness is an inside job!Not sure if you are at a crossroads in your career, looking to expand your purpose, experiencing a divorce or empty nest and searching for a change and what's next for you? If so, then the Next Level is a good place to start. I know we are all one decision away from a totally different life. And I get it. I have been there and also mentored thousands reach a new level in their personal and professional life. So, when I decided to make a 180 in my life, I wished there was someone by my side who was the hindsight of the 20/20 to the big leap I took leaving corporate after 20 years. Alas, it was my journey to embark . However, there is no need to reach the next level by yourself. I learned there are 3 levels to major change; one- the shedding of who we are now. Two- the vision of where we want to be and three- the becoming of what it will take to be the new level of you. I created a breakthrough process that gently engages you toward your future self, it's part journaling, part mentoring and part mindset. If interested in reaching your personal dreams, desires and goals contact me for a quick coffee chat and let's see if I can help you reach your Next Level. https://jackieruka.as.me/coffeechat | Fairygodboss
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Jackie Ruka
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