Invite! Jackie Ruka is throwing a Elevate 2020 Mastermind Party for Women! (men can come too) Is this event for you? Let's see.... 1. You are ready to pivot and go to a new level in your life's direction, career, income and well- being but scared to do it alone, or just thinking about it? 2. Do you enjoy starting your new year off with a clear direction and focus? 3. Have you been hoping for an experience that will help you figure out how to actually achieve the goals and dreams you have set out for yourself? 4. Do you sometimes feel doubtful about being strong enough to pull off your vision you have for your life, career and lifestyle? 5.Do you question yourself as to "Who am I to go after what's been calling me?" I get it. I spent years sitting on the sidelines, struggling to gain the courage enough to reach my hearts desire. Well, no more. I created Elevate 2020, a one of a kind mastermind toward creating and living your best life and decade, ever! It's the ultimate kick your butt, motivation to help you make lasting change. Get the support, energy, positivity to lift you up and encourage you while becoming crystal clear on what you really, really want! You receive individual as well as group support and spaces are limited, so check out the details and apply today! http://bit.ly/2SEnayS | Fairygodboss
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