Hello friends!! (AKA #Workmuses!) and welcome to this group and the #JobshareRevolution! I thought I’d take a moment to introduce myself and share what you can hope to gain from this group. Aside from a community of like-minded folks who value flexibility AND their careers (and lives!), we share valuable resources for those who want to work flexibly, job share, and value work-life balance. We also discuss issues that are interconnected like workplace equity, laws that could improve our lives, and the work-life struggles we all face. If you want to job share, there are THREE ways you can use this group: 1. Connect with and find your future job share partner!! — Amplify this by inviting friends! 2. Job share job opps! They are rare and precious, but we post them all here! Sign up for the newsletter to get them delivered to your inbox 1X a month >> http://eepurl.com/bImKgz 3. FREE lessons. I show up LIVE every week 12n CT at Work Muse FB page and share here for your personal training with Job Share Java! I founded Work Muse (workmuse.com), the first U.S. job sharing company, nearly 5 years ago after job sharing in the 24/7 high-stress radio industry (marketing sales) for nearly a decade starting when my baby girl Iris was 6 months old. This is a picture of me and my girl (now 13!) soon after job sharing. Job sharing was our family's GAME CHANGER! I was able to work 3 days a week, made nearly as much as I had full-time *with* full-time benefits, and experienced the best work-life balance of my life while being a total rockstar at work with the time to take in ALL of my little one's "firsts." When I started exploring my own Second Shift changing industries, I hit a job share wall. So I took a year-long deep dive (while job sharing) into the research to find out WHY. Why was this incredible practice so rare (less than 2% who work flexibly in the U.S. today job share)? The research corroborated everything I knew from my first-hand experience job sharing —that job sharers are the happiest, most loyal and productive employees! So why weren’t many many more people doing it? One big reason—there was ZERO training for it. So I developed the first-ever job share training for individuals AND employers to empower more to find the joy in their work while fully engaging in their lives job sharing. I’ve developed Work Muse training methodologies from my decade-long personal experience job sharing with several partners, hundreds of interviews with job sharers, and evidence-based research. My goal is to empower more to work this way with a step-by-step roadmap to job share success! It’s been an honor to coach so many job sharers and future job sharers as well as consult companies these past years, and I’m beyond thrilled to launch Job Share Academy in 2020 to help all of you create your rewarding job shares (should you choose to) this year! I'm so excited YOU are part of our beautiful community that values the entire human you bring to work! 2020 is your year to live life + slay work ALL my best, Melissa PS - Don’t forget to intro yourself, grab your free cheat sheet >> http://eepurl.com/dGf2yT & invite lotsa friends to increase your chances of finding a partner! | Fairygodboss
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Melissa Nicholson
The U.S. job share expert | workmuse.com
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