Next week I am continuing to discuss Knowing Your Worth and discussing IMPOSTOR SYNDROME. Have you heard of it?... It's super common, but rarely talked about. Impostor syndrome is a nagging voice inside of you suggesting that "you don't belong" or "you're phony" or "people can tell you shouldn't be here" or "you don't have anything to offer here." This is a loud, subconscious, and SELF IMPOSED voice, but we believe it..... It can cripple us.... It can make us run out of a room we’ve been dreaming of being in, it can push us down, break us, disconnect us, and make us feel like we should hide or submit to 'defeat'. IT MAKES US OUR OWN WORSE ENEMY it normally comes when we challenge ourselves and are pushed out of our own comfort zone. Even though it can be debilitating, it's actually a sign of progress. It's how we REACT TO THE DISCOMFORT, that separates us. Have you been here? Are you here? How do you respond? - Do you let that voice overcomes you or do you work hard to silence it? - Do you agree with your negative thoughts or let your strength shine through? If you're experiencing impostor syndrome, you need to talk to yourself (and your peers) and remind yourself of your good. Simple, yet effective. Easy, but hard to force ourselves to do..... Be kind to yourself and remember that these growing pains are part of your journey..... It's a other thing you need to overcome and YOU CAN DO IT | Fairygodboss
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