Phrases To Make This Uncertain Week a Little Easier Many people are returning to work today for the first time in weeks. People are likely to be uncomfortable as they face new protocols designed to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in their workplace. Workers may be fearful and experience understandable anxiety and worry about their health and the health of their families. What can you do this week to make things just a little more positive and less frightening? Your thoughts, words, and actions are powerful tools that can others feel happy, comfortable, and confident. Many people these days are emulating fear and negativity, and just like a virus, those emotions are highly contagious. No matter what your title is at work, you can use your position and influence this week to combat that negativity to spread kindness instead. Here are some of my favorite comments/compliments and things to say to others. Please, share these generously: • Nice job on that presentation. • You’re very creative • That was helpful/thoughtful. • You inspired me. • You look good today. • I appreciate that you took responsibility for _____. • It’s obvious that you worked very hard on that. • I admire your confidence. • I’ve learned so much from you. • I was thinking about you. • I saw/read this and it reminded me of you. • Thank you for being a positive role model. • Thank you for being reliable. • We’re in-sync/ I resonate with what you said. • I want to let you know that I took your advice. Here’s what happened. • The last time we spoke, you told me about ______. What happened? I tell my clients every day, “No matter what your title, you’re a leader. Your choices and actions influence others at home, at work, and in the community.” This week more than ever, remember to use your powers of influence for good. | Fairygodboss
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