How can you maintain momentum during a career transition? How do you set yourself up to reach your goals AND enjoy your daily life? Steven Kramer, a psychologist and author of The Progress Principle, said “of all the things that can boost people’s work life, the single most important is simply making progress on meaningful work.” Anita Rodriquez, a former client recently met with us to share her career story and the ways that she maintained momentum during her career transition – and how she stays productive in her job now. When you're actively looking for the right professional job, you need a process, support, structure and an accountability mechanism. Once you have all of that, you need to arrange your time, schedule, support systems, workspace and mindset to take effective action every day. Anita used ArcVida's career guidance to pivot into a new industry, function and role in 2019 - and she did it in 16 weeks. Visit our blog to watch my full conversation with Anita Rodriguez to understand HOW to set yourself up to maintain momentum and reach your professional goals. You can use these techniques for maintaining momentum in your job search and in your daily work too. https://arcvida.com/Blog/Post/maintaining-momentum-a-conversation-with-anita-rodriquez | Fairygodboss
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