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Lady Workkitt


If you are not white, you will not be promoted (this review is for New York). Sexism and racism are entrenched here. Black managers are not visible which leads me to believe there are none in New York. I have only seen one (he is now deceased). The one black VP retired a few years ago. You will stay in the same position forever, train inexperienced, underqualified, and unethical people who will be promoted above your head while you stay in place, and be thwarted at every turn for personal advancement. You will be given the work of 2-3 people and be expected to complete all of it with no relief and no additional compensation. Nothing meaningful is being done to root out the sexism and racism in this company. They are talking about culture shaping, but that has had no impact in NY. After 20 years, I am so tired of this. I get excellent reviews each quarter, but I am held back. This is the case with all of the minorities in my department, not just black women, but all races, even white women. White women have the best chance for promotion, but all women experience discrimination here. Then, all of the small tokens of appreciation have been taken away from us. We "celebrate" customer appreciation week by getting thank you emails. In the past, we received gifts. When you work hard to exceed standards, instead of the monthly small bonus we used to receive, we now receive a CHANCE to win something. So your hard work will more than likely be unrewarded when it comes to these quarterly drawings. At least we have profit sharing on a quarterly basis, but I would rather have a fair chance for promotion to earn more money for my family. I'm so tired of people thinking I have a good job when I can barely afford the increases in my utilities because we have to work from home so the COMPANY can save money (let alone rent, food, etc.) We pay more for our health insurance than our customers. They have better plans than we do. We are the guinea pigs for their health coverage. Plus, we don't get the money-saving HMO anymore. Now, I have years worth of coinsurance and get bills from collections agencies because I cannot afford to pay for them. The pension plan was frozen, so mine is only earning interest, but there is a 401(k) plan with some matching. Vacation is earned with a maximum of 20 days. If you have 20 days in your vacation bank, you will not earn more until you use time. The dental plan is a joke and barely covers expenses. The vision plan is ok. They do help with educational expenses. They also reimburse you for health club expenses and your phone bill if you work from home. This is a good company for a woman who has a husband earns a lot of money. If you are a white woman, you will have a better chance to advance if you try to get along with the managers and directors.

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Lady Diane

Claims Rep

Plan to Plan

Be wary of the Work-At-Home (WAH) program. Although it may be a huge selling point if you need to relocate it holds many draw-backs. Loss of Visibility on site translates to being overlooked for choice projects and promotion opportunities. Be prepared to have your production scrutinized and questioned. The WAH employee assumes all the liability, including replacement for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. Also the WAH worker will assume all cost for telephone, internet, heating and cooling, and dedicated office space. You will be told to claim anything you can on your taxes. Finally, due to HIPPA you must have a dedicated, enclosed area to work and all children must be at school or a day care provider during your working hours. Proof of Day Care must be provided for any mothers. Last but not least, if there are any power outages, weather conditions or other extenuating circumstances that force a site to close, that paid time off will not extend to the WAH employee. In fact, the WAH staff will be expected to pick up the slack for the closed site.

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Lady soft hearted

Professional Services

The division/department where I supported is spearheaded and led with an iron fist by a woman. I've not ever been treated so inferior due to my title or what I did. Never positive feedback. Although balanced by gender, it is not for the soft hearted.

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How do women feel about working at Anthem, Inc.? 63% think they are treated fairly and equally to men. 38% would recommend Anthem, Inc. to other women, and women have a job satisfaction rating of 3.0 out of 5. What are the benefits at Anthem, Inc.? Anthem, Inc. offers 5.5 weeks of paid maternity leave, 6 weeks of unpaid maternity leave, healthcare, flextime, 401-k matching. These benefits are based on tips anonymously submitted by Anthem, Inc. employees.

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