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"Be prepared for the REAL Experience at BFG...the president, Dennis Bernard is at best a terrible example of how to treat your employees, and at worst should be turned in for sexual harassment.  He has no problem crushing the morale of those who work for him.  As a new employee I asked a co-worker if she thought he liked me, and her response was: has he made you cry yet?  Soon enough he did, and the constant public criticism, scolding and browbeating of people created a horrible work environment.  He would blow up at anyone for the smallest clerical error, or mistake that had zero lasting consequences.  He was very clear that he need not be nice or good looking because he's rich.  He made sexual comments on a daily basis, disgusting jokes, sexual stories, and if you didn't find it funny, you would be ignored then berated for "something".  No one should have to endure such treatment, and unfortunately several people still do.  I would not recommend working for him to my worst enemy, that is not to say the company as a whole is terrible, it simply is for those who work directly for him.  "
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