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"I would recommend she not work here. During the 2016 election, the white, educated, affluent CEO eventually came out with, "I'm not saying a woman CAN'T be president, but..." So I said, "But what?" And he was like, "Nothing." And I said, "So you ARE saying a woman can't be president." And he asked that we discontinue the conversation because he felt I was being too aggressive."
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Director of Digital Marketing, Marketing
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"The CEO of this company likes to talk about being generous and respecting everyone's home life, but as soon as you want to use that time doing anything he doesn't agree with, he will take issue with you. For example, I began a health improvement plan that necessitated I eat fresher foods for lunch and not eat at my desk, so I began taking lunch breaks (which I'd never done before and is NOT the culture of the company). I ALWAYS made up that time by staying later than 5, but the CEO still gave me grief and said, "You need to be mindful of your behavior." But then if you said, "Oh, would it be ok if I ran to the post-office?" he'd say, "This isn't elementary school. We're all adults here. Please don't ask me about things like this. Just do what you need to do." You can see the problem."
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"I have no idea what the maternity leave policy is or even if there is one."
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