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"If you have savings, or a partner that is making a good salary, or your expenses are minimal, taking on an instructor position with CSMA is wonderful. Working with the children is extremely rewarding, very supportive colleagues and majority women on staff, and you have access to excellent curriculum and resources which frees up your time and energy to focus on teaching. "
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"If they were interested specifically in an instructor role, I would caution them that although CSMA pays one of the higher rates for art teachers, the number of hours you receive are quite limited, and many instructors end up teaching at multiple schools and in different programs to make ends meet. I have to pick up extra substitute teaching jobs just to make it work, and I'm still barely scraping by. That's really my only gripe though, the Art4Schools program is run by women, and I've received lots of mentorship and support from the management and veteran teachers in the program. Work/life balance is good, most of the staff are parents so they're very respectful of that fact when scheduling meetings, etc. "
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