Connecticut Judicial Branch

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"I came there from another clerks office in Connecticut. I thought that it would be pretty much the same across the board but it was pure hell I took the job based on a position that I found out later was never available. The only reason I took the job was because of the experience I was going to be getting. I was hired on a lie and then when I started to question the whole situation then I was public enemy number one. My supervisors yelled at me called me incompetent . Got mad at me for not know things that I was never told. I found out later that this was something that they did and that there had ben other people before me who had gone through the same thing and experienced the same thing. A few people quit there jobs because they just couldn't take it anymore. Mary Na Catherine were to two supervisors from hell. The worst part is everyone knows how bad it is yet no one knows what to do......don't work there under any circumstances......Clerks office new haven Connecticut GA23."
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Paralegal Clerk, Clerks Office
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