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"Lots of young white men at this company - the work force is about 2/3 male. Work is needed to bring women into not only leadership roles, but into male dominated portfolio companies and departments. Very obvious split with women in most sales/client facing roles, and men in the technical roles. "
Overall Job Satisfaction:
Are women & men treated equally?
Does the CEO support gender diversity?
One thing Digital Science & Research Ltd. can improve?
"Promote more women into leadership positions"
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Level of Flexibility
"Many remote workers, and a culture of flexibility."
Work-Life Friendly Attributes:
Hours, Culture
Did you take Maternity leave?
"New maternity leave policy - in the US, not covered by FMLA, but up to 13 weeks off, up to 80% salary w/STD, and one week of PTO. Must elect and pay for COBRA, but the company will reimburse. Two weeks for paternity. No specific mention of adoption leave. I believe that the company would be open to improving these policies, it's just there are so few women in leadership that nobody realizes what a serious issue it is, especially in comparison to the kinds of leave other tech companies offer."
Would you recommend Digital Science & Research Ltd. to other women?
"Not for women who expect to have children. Maternity leave policy is pretty abysmal for a supposedly progressive tech company. Very few women in leadership roles. Very few women in senior tech roles."
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