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Fortress Financial Services, Inc.

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"I worked at this company for more than 6 years. I left a job which paid significantly more because this job offered benefits (vacation, sick, health insurance, 401(k), and when taking all of these things into account, the total compensation was close to what I was making. I was promised regular performance reviews and told I could expect raises commensurate with the quality of work I performed. In the first couple of years, I had a couple of reviews and got only minimal raises in spite of excellent work product. After the first couple of years, a "moratorium" was put on future raises. Profanity goes unchecked in this workplace. Although multiple people reported one particular person's frequent use of the c-word, this employee was only ever reprimanded and sent home for a day or two. For more than 6 years this went on, and to my knowledge, the employee is still there. (He is their largest money-maker) On several occasions, I discussed company morale with the CEO. Nothing was done. Management is more interested in profit-taking than in the people who work for this company. The paralegals are vastly underpaid given the work they do. When I did finally give my notice, and brought up the CEO's failure to deliver on regular reviews/raises, blame was passed to me for failing to ask for such. In my opinion, raises are given as a reward for excellent work. It should not be up to the employee to demand them. Finally, in light of the "moratorium" which was never "lifted," why would any person believe the request for a raise would be granted—particularly when it was common knowledge many requests for such had been denied, even prior to the moratorium. The culture of this business is toxic."
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