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January 1970

I've been very happy, both with the project I am working on and with the people I am working with. However, there seems to be a fair about of 'unconscious' bias at work here. There are 10 independent faculty members only 1 of them is female, and she seems to do the lion's share of the 'care taking' in terms of organizing social events and emotional support of newer faculty. While at lower levels in the research team the ratio female to male is very different( Instructor 1:2; Postdoc 1:1; Research Assistant 7:10). Invited lectures have also been predominately male (19/20 invited speakers were at the annual symposium over the lat 4 years). There are a number of subtle factors at play here, but because the people in charge of recruiting are scientists, they believe they are operation without bias. Suggestions of unconscious bias playing a role have been met (in the past) with anger and derision.

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