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"We are a community of doers and improvers. IQ Solutions offers a thriving environment with opportunities for our employees to make a difference by contributing their best thinking to solving challenging public health problems. We encourage employees to pursue their professional passions through idea generation, mentoring, and Strengths Finder programs. During the Onboarding process employees receive a copy of StrengthsFinder 2.0. At IQ Solutions, we are committed to success, which means building an organization shaped by our strengths. IQ Solutions' corporate training and employee engagement programs invites employees to share in the richness of our staff’s diversity not only on the job, but also at quarterly cultural celebrations that feature activities such as catered food tasting, poetry readings, and art expos. IQ Solutions' supports external trainings and encourages employees to participate in webinars and Foundational Knowledge Sessions. For example, "Outreach Targeting Veterans, Individuals with Disabilities, and More" or "Hiring Individual's with Disabilities". Employees have access to IQ Smart, an online learning management system with lessons such as Diversity on the Job: Diversity and You. IQ Solutions is constantly working and experimenting with new technologies to solve challenging public health problems, while providing a flexible work environment."
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