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Manhattan Broadway Hotel

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"You may apply right away, he may not hire you know but who knows?"
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"not sure"
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"The boss or manager of this hotel(John Du) is very rude, selfish and completely inconsiderate of his male, night shift employees (he has gone through 4 in just two months and about ten since February). I wonder why, I mean, the common denominator is him. He curses you out, when you reach out to him with an issue (some very serious issues) he completely ignores and when he fires you, he makes his decision weeks prior to actually telling you and only so he can train someone else to replace you. He fired me unjustly and quite illegally so (I currently am starting a lawsuit against him and a previous guest who scammed him and cost me my job). He didn't even give me the benefit of the doubt and did not consider my outstanding work and loyalty, Instead he got scared by a pair of cons and lost a loyal employee with hig integrity. A true employee that would have, if given the chance, made his hotel that much better. He treats his day staff (females) like daughters or mistresses and his male night auditors like scum. His manager David expects you to be there 10 to 15 minutes prior to the start of your shift, unpaid and only so he can get home early because he lives far and will miss his train. So unprofessional and illegal. Yet if you stay an extra half hour or even ten minutes, they request you do not put on your time sheet. The job was great. I absolutely loved doing what i did. But these two are so utterly unprofessional and schemers that I just am glad I am no longer there."
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Night Auditor, Customer Service
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