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"Don't expect to work in a sales position - even with a sales background! Even though there are women in management positions, it is very much a "boys club" and women are expected to work in the office, while the men do the sales appointments and make the money. Also, if you're in a management position, don't expect to have a positive work-life balance. During "busy season" coming in before 7 and staying after 5 was the norm, although not encouraged because of overtime. "
Overall Job Satisfaction:
Are women & men treated equally?
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"Not sure"
One thing MidAmerica Basement Systems can improve?
"Improve my benefits (e.g. medical, maternity)"
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Service & Production Assistant, Administrative
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Level of Flexibility
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"I had requested to take 8 weeks for maternity leave, but was asked if I would be able to take 6 (the minimum mandated by the state). We compromised on 7. FMLA does not apply because the company has less than 50 employees and the owner tends to keep it that way (There were 45 at the time I left). When I came back I was expecting my regular hours (8-5 pm), but was asked to come in 7-4 pm and was made to feel like there wasn't an option to say no. I ended up putting my notice in within days of returning."
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