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"It’s hard to find anything nice to say about this company. It is very obvious they have management issues. The CEO is at the top and there is no one else to go to for complaints, no HR no VP nothing. As a consulting company it makes sense you work on many different projects at the same time but he is paranoid and makes you keep blow by blow notes about exactly what you do hourly then have one on one meetings with him to go over what you did and he still insists you email him at the end of day to let him know what you did. It is very obvious he doesn’t trust his employees. All the men at the top are sexist. I have heard on more than one occasion them speak to women in the office about their clothes even heard the CEO to tell a female employee to dress “pretty” for a convention. He treats women very differently than the men and not in a better way. There is also major favoritism. Many of the employees watch video and listen to podcasts while they work the CEO has told people to stop as it is distracting them/ affecting their work and others, but leaves the favorites alone to keep watching their anime and do little to no work. The management is also bipolar and flips opinions on projects sometimes several times within the same day and it is hard to know where you stand with them. Everyone makes way less than they should be for a company in the bay area. And there is no room for growth. No promotions, no progression, and very few raises. The CEO is also cheap and, though he does get lunch for the team Wednesday- Friday, keeps lowering the amount of money we are allowed to spend per person for the meal and so we end up getting bad small portions of food we don’t even want. There is no respect for the employees and the ideas and opinions they have. When projects will not work they will not listen to reason. I haven’t even touched on the illegal activity going on. They cut corners with licenses usually getting the cheaper versions and saying it is for their India team despite the California team being the sole users. They also illegally download 3D models and use them without the creator's permission. Bottom line most of the people there are wholly incompetent and don’t care about their employees. "
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