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"That its a hard wired culture and doesn't development plans or growth options, compensation is low for the amount of hats you'll be required to wear. The management level is mostly older men and that won't be changing in near future. If you're looking for a progressive, fast pace, high paying job--you won't find it here. If you want something stable, with good benefits, family oriented...then it could be a good fit. It all depends on what department and who you get for a manager. "
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"The company as a whole is great. They have great benefits, family atmosphere, charitable, some flexibility, employee discounts, job security. But the cons are that they are very old school, not innovative, old processes, very slow moving, under staffed and overworked, management is comprised of mostly older men and they don't trust their employees to do their jobs. They believe in doing something after it has already been done and getting outside opinions. They promote men and the pay is well under the average salary ranges for similar jobs in the Midwest area. "
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