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"It is very hard to tell someone with the desire to teach not to do so. What I tell them is to have another option as a backup plan and to trust their guts. If it seems bad, it is."
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"I have worked for 12 years in this school district, and I am almost at the end of my career. In the time I have been here, my ideas have always been belittled and demeaned, as have the skills of school counselors in general. This year I lost my job for no reason other than the fact that I am an old woman. (The ideal reorganization of our particular school required the the elimination of 6 jobs--all held by women over the age of 60.) Also, teachers have almost no opportunity to participate in plans regarding their own jobs. In this school district, the last 40 years of social progress never happened. Why do I stay? Because if I give up on myself, I give up on my students."
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