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"I've worked here for 15 years and most of the women are in predominantly in support roles. The ratio of women to men is 70 percent men and 30 percent women. Women are NOT treated fairly as management is male-dominated and not diverse, which makes it tougher for women to have their voices heard. Most feedback falls on deaf ears. Suggestions by men get implemented while suggestions by women do not. Women are repeatedly passed over for promotion in favor of a less or non-qualified man. This has happened to me personally. I was passed over for promotion in favor of a less qualified man. I had years of leadership experience garnered from the military and this person (my current immediate boss) did not. Nor was he qualified in the digital content arena. His knowledge was only print. Yet he was elevated to Digital Managing Editor over me (the more qualified person) in 2010. Now I've had to put up with his ineptitude for 4 years (I spent one of those years deployed so that doesn't count 2011-2012). I have only stayed there since due to necessity. I cannot quit as I need what little money I get and I needed the health ins to pay for my recent knee surgery and recovery because the VA refused even though it was service-connected. My recovery is almost complete. I have one more checkup and I'll be released. So then I'll be free to quit this extremely toxic workplace for women and minorities to go somewhere where I will be able to utilize my leadership skills, contribute to the mission/big picture, make a difference and have job and life satisfaction. Nothing will change here. It is most certainly a dead end. No opportunity for growth, no perks, no work-balance (I work 70 hrs a week and get paid for 40). I know as a combat veteran I deserve better!"
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