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Employee Reviews
(Winged ratings measure job satisfaction on scale of 1 to 5)
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"I feel they are very fair in pay salaries. Many women assume since Trump's name is associated with this casino chain that's it is automatically a sexist work environment. I am a living testament that this is false. "
Overall Job Satisfaction:
Are women & men treated equally?
Does the CEO support gender diversity?
One thing Trump Hotel Collection can improve?
"Not much; it's a great place to work"
Recent Salary
Recent Bonus
Level of Flexibility
"Just like any other job, just because I am a mother of 3 boys doesn't mean that I get an excuse. I must be on time to work just like the men who I work with."
Work-Life Friendly Attributes:
Did you take Maternity leave?
12 Weeks Paid | 4 Weeks Unpaid
"I took 16 weeks off in total for my maternity leave and didn't get paid for 4 of those weeks. Many women I talk to find this as "horrible" and "un-excusable" but I understand how long that I was absent and agreed to the 12 weeks of paid leave. "
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