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"For the particular research group, really check the positions that previous scientists-in-training (MSc/PhD students, Post-Doctoral Fellows, Research Associates) have attained under the PI (primary investigator). If the PI is publishing and attaining success in his/her field but is leaving a trail of students, fellows and associates that are not going on to successful careers, this is a warning flag. Find a better group/PI. "
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"All the above except for the first option. In addition, there needs to be more oversight of PI's and others who are supervising junior scientists/scientists-in -training, by senior management to ensure that these young scientists are also benefiting from their work. This is especially important as many of these junior positions are at least quasi-academic and at least partially funded with taxpayer money so there is an automatic assumption that all is being done fairly and equitably, but this may not be the case. This oversight would need to have a much better employee review process than what is currently in place. "
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"Some research groups are much better than others at mentoring and promoting their scientists-in-training. Sadly, the group I was in, headed by a highly successful (by industry standards) female scientist no less, did not mentor nor promote--we were all just "cheap labour". "
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