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"Not a work day goes by where I am not thankful for my time with this company, and, for a multitude of reasons-- from wine education and experience in this type of setting, to the lifelong connections made with both coworkers and travelers/customers, alike. As with so much, attitude is key, and if yours is one of openness to the situation, there's much to be gained. If you are looking for a career in wine, though, this one will, likely, just be a temporary stop on your journey, as it's more about waiting tables than anything else. If you are more on the novice side of the sliding scale, with all-things-wine, use the opportunity to absorb what you encounter with the wines you carry. What I gleaned during my time here, even as a pretty knowledgable wine person, has proven invaluable, thanks to tremendous leaders at my location. I am grateful for my experience here, though I'm also thankful I moved on. "
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"Have consistent, easy to understand guidelines/rules; create an environment in every store that doesn't allow for one bad apple to spoil the entire bunch; and knock off the lengthy testing, which isn't consistent nor necessary. There's a lot of unnecessary aspects to training (and continuing to train by retaking the tests over and over and over again, each time someone new in corporate wants to revamp them), which could be streamlined so much better. Plus, requiring homework and tests without compensation is illegal...."
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"It all depends on the location of the store, and the manager at each, really. There was not a consistency across the board. Again, this may very well be changing as the company has been bought out, recently. "
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"There are issues in the company, from the top down. However, it has recently been bought by a larger company, so many of these problems may be going the way of the Dodo. Fingers crossed. The biggest issue is with the way the company structures management and promotions for their individual locations. It's too easy for some personalities to bully their way in, and very difficult to feel supported if a manager or a store culture ignores employee behavior. "
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