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Any advice regarding age bias? There is a lot of

Any advice regarding age bias? There is a lot of information about diversity and inclusion but not about age discrimination. I'm actually looking for new opportunity and I have the theory that the reason I have been rejected is age. PS I have doctorate degree and over 20 years of experience.

Fairygodboss member marysoco

  • Fairygodboss member

    When I hire I refuse anyone under 30 so it works both ways. Give me the 55+ of my parents generation any day.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I am a 50 something professional. I live in a college town. My game plan is to go for the jobs that need a niche filled or those jobs that require a unique background only accomplished through experience. I believe it is our responsibility to fill those jobs where we have the most to contribute to the company's bottom line. And, yes age discrimination definitely exists. And, yes some of those employers would not hire an older worker only because the worker does not fit into their business model [ maybe cots too much ] but there are many employers do see value in a diversified work force and that is where you want to be.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I wish there were some tools out there for hiring managers to know how to avoid being ageist, or even just how to recognize they may be. Age diversity is also a thing that should be valued along with other types of diversity and inclusion. Leaving off any years on the resume or not being asked about it (directly or indirectly) only gets you so far in the process. I wonder if anyone has had success in just bringing up the subject, in the right way, during the interview, or just talking about it more openly in general.

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Hi Fairygodbosses! I am writing here on behalf of my mom because I love and want the best for her. She has been working at a non-profit for the last 9 years and has become miserable at work. She wants a career change but doesn't know what she wants to do or how to get there. She is only now making the salary she should be making at 58 years old and I think that holds her back from taking a chance and leaving her company. Do any fairy godbosses here have some advice or resources for a middle-aged woman looking for a career change (and feels like a life change)? How can my mom build her confidence and self-worth to go after what truly makes her happy (or at least start trying to figure it out?) Appreciate any of your thoughts.

I worked for a company that does transportation on demand and is constantly in the news concerning their treatment of customers and employees. I left the company at the end of my first year, despite loving the work I was doing, because I found company culture to be so toxic. I was lucky, in that the first job I got after leaving didn't ask me about my experiences there or what caused me to leave. Now, however, every interview I have asks why I left and starts asking questions about the company culture. Some of the questions have been way too personal. and I don't want to spend my entire interview deflecting questions or being asked to trash talk, my former employer. Any ideas about what I can say when I'm asked why I left and how to steer the conversation back to the interview?

Hello, my company pays 100% of my maternity for 12 weeks. Initially I was told the process is for me to submit my state pay stubs at whatever frequency I'd like and my company would pay the difference to ensure I received 100% of my income. Last week I casually sent my HR department a note and they told me they can no longer honor that policy and won't pay the 100% until I return from maternity leave. Is there any laws to protect me in this situation? It's creating both stress and financial hardships.

A male peer keeps interrupting me in meetings. It's driving me crazy. Should I say something to him?

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