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Any CPA's who work 100% remote?

Are there any accountants on here who work 100% remote from home? I'm a CPA with 8+ years of experience split between public accounting and private industry. I recently had my first baby and would love to transition into a new position where I can work 100% remote from my home office. This is not an option at my current employer. I've been scouring the interwebs for months now with no luck - but I know that many employers won't list a position as remote even though it would be an option for the right candidate. Anyone have a gig like this? Help a mama out!

Fairygodboss member AccountantandMom

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I have a VP over many buildings in my company and she seems to be extremely un-knowledgeable, disorganized, and tells our Board of Directors everything is running smoothly. How do I share my concerns anonymously without rocking the boat? All of our HR team (VP, Directors, Assistants, etc) has left with the exception of one person. Our VP is also very good personal friends with her direct supervisor, the President.

I have had a shaky 3 to 4 years of work. My jobs have had lay offs and then I got into HR and went to another company for a director of management position. However it was a horrible company and I found another job in admissions, this was a step down but with better pay. However the hours are 9 to 6 and 11-8 on 2 days out of the week and some Saturdays. I have 3 children and my dad just had a stroke and will have to come live with me and I would need a job with better hours and great pay. I have my MBA but companies are not calling me back for interviews probably because I have job hopped. Any suggestions?

Hi, currently I am in the Canada Express Entry pool under Federal Skilled Worker category and legally eligible for job search and work in Canada. I will be getting my PR immediately once I land there with a valid job offer in hand. All I need is a job offer. I am currently working in India and I don't need a sponsorship as getting a Visa by myself is easy, as am already in the pool. I have been applying for jobs through different Canadian job portals but getting rejected with reason-' currently Not residing in Canada'!!. I am willing to move to Canada ASAP. How do I get a job in Canada from India? Please help me with your suggestions.

Does anyone here work for Earnst & Young? I see their communications department is hiring for multiple roles I think I'm qualified for. I'd like to learn more "inside scoop" from a current or former employee. Also looking to learn more about how this department is structured so I can figure out which of the positions I should apply for. Don't want to apply for all of them and have it look as if I'm spamming them with my resume.

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