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Any CPA's who work 100% remote?

Are there any accountants on here who work 100% remote from home? I'm a CPA with 8+ years of experience split between public accounting and private industry. I recently had my first baby and would love to transition into a new position where I can work 100% remote from my home office. This is not an option at my current employer. I've been scouring the interwebs for months now with no luck - but I know that many employers won't list a position as remote even though it would be an option for the right candidate. Anyone have a gig like this? Help a mama out!

Fairygodboss member AccountantandMom

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I'm starting to get a really bad case of morning sickness and have had to take a couple days off work because I didn't want anyone to know. I feel like it's way to early to have the conversation at work but if I keep having to run to the bathroom I'm not sure how I can hide my pregnancy any longer! Any advice? Maybe it's not so bad to tell people now...

I am currently 20 weeks pregnant, and job hunting. I've gotten an email from a recruiting company for a position in an industry that I'm extremely excited about. The email has prescreen questions, and asks "Do you have any vacations or other work absences planned?" How do I answer that without tipping my hand that I'm pregnant. I'm applying for a male dominated field, and even though discrimination against pregnancy is illegal, we all know it happens.

What does it take to get one off the ground successfully? I am thinking of starting one at my company and would love to hear from others about how to encourage as many women at my workplace to join and how to make them engaging and interesting for members. Any ideas for events and programming would be much appreciated!

This past November, I was fired for calling my boss an a**hole in the employee breakroom after he yelled at me for trying to avoid an aggressive customer that had already been handed over to an assistant manager. The AM thought he was too aggressive and didn't do anything but walk away, laugh, and allow him to chase me down. This had been after 2 years of sexual harassment from coworkers and customers, which included touching, that was reported but nothing was done. After being told it was all my fault, I went to the break room, faced a corner, sobbing and called him a name out of frustration. I was quickly fired. I'm scared to work in a male-dominated field anymore where I can't hide behind a desk (already had C-PTSD from sexual trauma). I'm in my 30s and know I have to be truthful about being fired, but this is the first time it has ever happened. No one seems to take a second look at my application once they see that. Any advice ladies?

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