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Does anyone here work for a major financial institution in

Does anyone here work for a major financial institution in the new york metropolitan area? I have yet to find a straight answer on the internet or the company website regarding when my eligibilty for 16 week paid maternity leave would start. Are paid maternity leave benefits usually the same across the board for all major financial firms? I just found out I am pregnant (in my first trimester) and by the time I take my maternity leave I would be only nine months in my new job. Would like to hear about your company's eligibility requirements for paid maternity leave here please. Thank you so much...

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

  • Fairygodboss member

    You should definitely ask -- you're going to have to at some point, right? And they would be crazy not to make an exception for you. Even if they're not thrilled, they just spent literally thousands of dollars to hire you (because that's what it costs to hire a new employee). So they don't want you to leave.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I'm not a financial institution but generally speaking most companies set an eligibility period of 1 year. However, exceptions can always be made so I would not shy away from asking....

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I am considering a move to a new company and their maternity policy states that employees receive 3 months fully paid. It does not specify a minimum length of time one must be employed with the company to receive this benefit. Am I then legally protected to receive this benefit if I end up becoming pregnant within the first year of employment? Or must I clarify now (before deciding to accept the job) that I will receive this benefit regardless of my length of employment? I am nervous to be unhappily surprised down the road but also skeptical about bringing up this clarifying question now considering I am not currently pregnant. Would very much appreciate thoughts/help on this topic!

I had this giant to-do list for maternity leave but now that the baby's here, I'm realizing I'm going to get a lot less done than I thought. I somehow thought I'd be able to get some reading done while my baby naps!! Anyone else feeling like there's literally nothing that's possible except getting a food and shower in?

What to do if you face a step down in your career due to the break you took of 6 months to take care of your newborn? Does this happen frequently? Any ideas on how to get a job after this break? Please help! I was working as a Sales Manager in a company where I had to quit as I needed to give sometime to my baby. Now when I'm trying to start working again, I don't get even considered due to the break I took. The HR in these companies advice me to step down in the position and start from senior sales associate or reception. I do have good experience being good at my job and my previous employer have everything good to say about me. What should I do?

I'm about to start my leave but I'm feeling anxious about tying up loose ends before then...are there any general last-minute things people do at work before departing? I want to make sure I'm not forgetting anything!

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