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Experiences of lay-off while on maternity leave and interviewing while pregnant

I'm pregnant and due in February 2018. Unfortunately, my company is going to be acquired by another company and there are rumors of layoffs.

As long as I'm on FMLA and there are no mass lay-offs, I should be fine. However, if there is a mass lay-off, I will loose my insurance at a time I need it the most. My upper management is unable to answer any questions and is not responsive to this concern at all. Any positive experiences with COBRA?

I thought I would have a stress-free maternity leave but now I will need to look for a job. I was wondering anyone out here has interviewed while over 7 months pregnant? Do you face any bias? Are they open to taking maternity leave during the first 3 months on the job? I just need the insurance and its bad how its so strongly tied to the place of employment.

Fairygodboss member fairygod007

  • Fairygodboss member

    I was told by my company that because of a new ownership, they did not have to honor FMLA! Claiming that they were not in business for a year or more, meant I was like a brand new employee! I needed surgery, and they asked my doctor to fax the particulars, said they would work with me. A week before my surgery, I was pressured to sign a document saying I agreed to return in three weeks, though standard recovery is six weeks. While I was out for my hysterectomy, I decided this place was not for me anymore! They had also downgraded my insurance, too!

  • Fairygodboss member

    Thanks for your reply. I ended up getting laid off 2 weeks before my due day with just one week of severance pay. My interviewers on the other hand were suprisingly supportive and didn't mind me taking time off to bond with the baby. Its was a heartless decision on my old company but hoping for good things.

  • Fairygodboss member

    that's so crazy.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I have never been in your particular position and by the way congratulations. However, I have been in your shoes when it comes to layoff and being off on medical leave. I had major surgery at the time and was scheduled to be off for 6 weeks. Like you there was to a major layoff and I was going to off during the time it was done. I was told that, by law I could not be laid off, terminated or anything close to either one while I was off. If I was scheduled to be laid off as part of the group the management staff would have to wait until I came back. So what they did was the actual day I came back, was the day I was terminated or laid off, All my accesses were turned off even my employee ID was voided, I had to get a guest pass and be escorted everywhere I went. So check the labor laws where you live and not with your management. There maybe a misinterpretation of them.

  • Fairygodboss member

    I am in a similar situation, i just started a job end of March and I am 3 months PG, but haven't told my employer because i'm scared! I live in NJ. What did your new company and the state offer you while you are out on maternity leave? Are you eligible for STD through the state?

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