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Former teacher

I am considering leaving teaching, how do I market my skills for non profit opportunities? Are there good careers for former teachers?

Fairygodboss member EdGirl

  • Fairygodboss member

    Your skill set would work well at a public or college library.

  • Fairygodboss member

    A lot of people have left teaching careers to do other things. I would try to apply for entry level non-profit roles or even volunteer at a non-profit if you're having trouble landing an initial job. Sometimes when you make a career transition you have to take what you can get in order to break into an industry but I would think that non-profits and teaching aren't as far apart as, e.g. teaching and investment banking....hope that helps

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I'm a recruiter for the largest staffing and recruiting firm in the country. I'm seeing a lot of people on this thread who are extremely stressed out about finding work, and I think you guys need to start seriously considering working with recruiters to find jobs. NOT ALL RECRUITERS ARE EQUAL! I work for Aerotek, where we value your goals, skills, and interests and we find you a "perfect fit": the job that actually utilizes your experience and abilities. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me if you are looking for work in the Portland, OR metro area. I can be reached via this thread, and, if you're seriously interested, please let me know and I will share my email.

My employment history is all over the map but I love helping people (low volume, low stress). Current job is in tech with about 20 people and only 3 other women: I need to change fields but don't know how, given my accommodation needs. Usually I suffer in silence for 1-2 years and quit. Not sure what the diagnosis changes. Help!

I am really struggling to find a new position in the procurement sector. I am open to relocation, from Chicago, but I feel like I am going about my search the wrong way. I have worked with a career coach and had both my resume and LinkedIn profile written by an expert. How do you go about getting responses for job applications and finding a good recruiter? I know about networking, but I still feel like I am missing the boat.

3 months ago, I decided to leave my high stress sales job before having another one lined up. I left because the stress was leading me into a deep depression, which made it difficult for me to do my job or get through the day without feeling sad or overwhelmed about the smallest inconveniences at work or home. I took this time off to focus on school, re-evaluate my career goals and improve my emotional state. Now that I have had a chance to decompress, I have started applying for new jobs, but haven't made any traction. The only thing more worrisome than the fact I haven't received any call backs is my anxiety over having to respond to the reason for leaving my former job. How should I explain my reason for leaving a company before having a new job without sounding negative or raising red flags about my "emotional weakness?"

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