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Discussion Question

Former teacher

I am considering leaving teaching, how do I market my skills for non profit opportunities? Are there good careers for former teachers?

Fairygodboss member EdGirl

  • Fairygodboss member

    I moved from teaching to nonprofit work; it is a pretty natural transition. There is also a huge demand for trainers who teach other employees new skills. I would network and try to get informational interviews...maybe you can leverage your experience and come in at a mid-level job

  • Fairygodboss member

    Your skill set would work well at a public or college library.

  • Fairygodboss member

    A lot of people have left teaching careers to do other things. I would try to apply for entry level non-profit roles or even volunteer at a non-profit if you're having trouble landing an initial job. Sometimes when you make a career transition you have to take what you can get in order to break into an industry but I would think that non-profits and teaching aren't as far apart as, e.g. teaching and investment banking....hope that helps

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I am 47 y/o social worker, BSW, primary field of interest is mental/physical health. I enjoy the work I do but I do not enjoy the salary. I am divorced and when I was married the income was not so much an issue. My children are older and I have more time to go be more productive in a career and want a more challenging position. I believe that this career has made me abundantly talented in many areas. I am seeking advice as to my next career.

I am reapplying for a position I held 12 years ago, same company just merged with new one. I have since moved on to other jobs but I really loved this! Relocating back and would love to have a second chance. I might mention, I was going through cancer at that time it was “decided “ it was best that I part with the company. I understand it was probably not legal I was too tired to fight it. Since that time I’m healthy! And new ownership has proved to be much different. Help please?

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I have had quite a few detours as far as my career is concerned. Did my bachelor in Electrical Engineer worked at Software Company > then did masters in biomedical engg > worked as a requirements engineer > took a break> worked as business analyst for 6 months > took a break> looking for jobs again. My previous experience aren't groundbreaking either. I am again looking to change the career maybe into Web development or Product Design. I always have a very rosy picture when I start out looking for a new career and then it doesnt turn out like that and I start slacking at work. I think whatever i pick i won't stick through. Any career change will need me to retrain costing me quite some $$. How do I figure out what i want to do and if that career will be right for me.

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