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Discussion Question

Geographical scope

When you post information like this
Are the weeks applicable to the USA only, or global minima ?

Fairygodboss member Panache

  • Fairygodboss member

    Each company is different, so it depends on the employer. Most developed countries legally provide leave policies that better than what's offered in the U.S. Generally, this data refers to companies' policies for U.S. employees (the data here is crowdsourced information, and the Fairygodboss audience is largely U.S.-based).

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I've just been diagnosed with postpartum depression and I'm totally freaked out b/c I was told the drugs could take 6 months to kick in -- but i have to go back to work in 10 weeks!! Has anyone else had to go back to work while they have postpartum depression?

I am considering a move to a new company and their maternity policy states that employees receive 3 months fully paid. It does not specify a minimum length of time one must be employed with the company to receive this benefit. Am I then legally protected to receive this benefit if I end up becoming pregnant within the first year of employment? Or must I clarify now (before deciding to accept the job) that I will receive this benefit regardless of my length of employment? I am nervous to be unhappily surprised down the road but also skeptical about bringing up this clarifying question now considering I am not currently pregnant. Would very much appreciate thoughts/help on this topic!

I'm not on the interview committee but have been here through four presidents in 10 years. Is there anything I can do to ensure we get a quality leader this time without being on the interview/search committee? The previous presidents have been mediocre at best (and very antiquated in their leadership skills--like Mad Men antiquated). I crave a leader who is humble, courageous, forward-thinking, personable, and fair. Is there such a thing and how do we find her?

I'm 12 weeks pregnant and just met with HR to find out about our Maternity Leave program only to learn that they only give us unpaid leave (you have to file for state disability to get your 55% salary during those weeks) In talking with other moms, I found they all came back early (because who can really afford to take a big pay cut when you have a new little one to tend to?) It never occurred to me to check because kids weren't on the radar when I applied for the job, but I'm totally disheartened that my company that "prides itself" on caring about its people doesn't have something better in place. Has anyone gone to HR to see about improving their policies? I know as a whole our organization had a 12 year tenure when I started and a pretty high average age, so it may have not been on their radar, but I'm shocked that they aren't more progressive. Any advice??

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