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Discussion Question

Has anyone ever used a good maternity leave coach? I'm

Has anyone ever used a good maternity leave coach? I'm feeling like a mess...so I think it could be helpful... but I'm not sure it's worth the money.


  • YES! I used Lisa Abramson and loved her. www.lisaabramson.com/

    We worked together to uncover my goals, values and vision for success, it became clear my husband and daughter were number one and together we laid out my plan for sustainable, healthy professional and personal growth in order to maintain balance and experience more enriched time with my family.

  • The Maven Clinic offers coaches! The first 10-minute session is free! They have a maternity program that your employer could invest in for you (https://www.mavenclinic.com/for-business) as well as career coaches who specialize in working moms. Check out www.mavenclinic.com.

    I wish I had been coached during my transition toward maternity leave and once I got back. You're a smart, mama!

  • Hi! We're exec coaches with a specialty working with women pre and post mat leave. Happy to talk - no charge! - to get you moving back down the right path. Zero pressure/no strings. Contact us through the website, and mention Sarah - we can set up time. www.leveledleader.com

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I'm just returning to work after maternity leave and I have so much catching up to do. Is it ok to fly under the radar my first few days in the hopes that people won't realized I'm back so I can get up to speed?

What to do if you face a step down in your career due to the break you took of 6 months to take care of your newborn? Does this happen frequently? Any ideas on how to get a job after this break? Please help! I was working as a Sales Manager in a company where I had to quit as I needed to give sometime to my baby. Now when I'm trying to start working again, I don't get even considered due to the break I took. The HR in these companies advice me to step down in the position and start from senior sales associate or reception. I do have good experience being good at my job and my previous employer have everything good to say about me. What should I do?

Is anyone else totally freaked out about how their career is going to change after having a baby? I'm a 38 year old first time mom-to-be and while I'm thrilled I have to admit I have no idea now that the reality is upon me how anyone manages to do this working mom thing...

My female boss has three kids and somehow still manages to work crazy hours and she seems to expect the same of me. I'm just back to work after having a baby. Before I had my baby, I worked some of the longest hours of anyone in my department. But now I am running out the door at 5:01 pm every day because I am dying to get home and see my son. I can literally feel my boss glaring at me. Should I just let this continue? or have a direct conversation with her about it?

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