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How do you handle unlimited paid time off policies with maternity leave?

My company offers "unlimited PTO." Women who go on maternity leave are not allowed to take vacation leave following maternity leave. The company has no clear policy on how many days a woman is allowed to take for vacation in the year before or after having a baby. I am very cautious to not take too much leave, but also don't want to miss out on vacation time which I should be allowed to take. I am afraid to take any vacation days leading up to childbirth and get the sense I am not allowed to take any in the year after I give birth, with the exception of sick time. Are there any laws around how unlimited vacation time policies work in tandem with maternity leave?

Fairygodboss member fairygoddess

  • Fairygodboss member

    I don't believe there are laws about the intersection of maternity leave and vacation time. I'm not entirely sure what you're asking because I'm not sure whether your reference to "vacation time" is part of "unlimited PTO" because I would have assumed you only have one time of time off under your company's policy. In terms of maternity leave, are you saying there is no set policy and it's covered by maternity leave? Perhaps you should simply ask for clarification on the definitions if you'er not sure from your HR department. Then you can decide how to proceed but maternity leave laws like FMLA and those that are offered by various states (e.g. NY, CA, NJ and RI) do not account for vacation time and are independent of any company's paid time off for vacation time or sick leave.

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I am officially going to be offered a promotion with my company, but the position will be in another state and i just found out i'm pregnant. should i take the job, even though we will most likely move back after we have the baby? should i turn down the promotion to stay close to family during the pregnancy?

How does New York State's new paid family leave policy dovetail with short term disability policies? I'm trying to decide whether to purchase additional short term disability coverage to cover wage losses during my next pregnancy. New York State has passed Paid Family Leave and so I understand if I give birth in 2018 I will be eligible for approximately 50% of my salary for 8 weeks. What is unclear to me is whether I would first take 6 weeks of short term disability and then 8 weeks of Paid Family Leave? Or is the short term disability taken at the same time as Paid Family Leave and so I would collect disability and paid family leave at the same time up to 100% of my salary. In that case it wouldn't make sense to purchase additional disability coverage. I can't find an answer anywhere, and my employer and their short term disability carrier Aflak don't know either.

Would you look for a new job during your maternity leave and still nursing? My current workplace has a great lactation room. Easily accessible and provides an onsite pump. There is also the possibility that my employer will allow me to WFH one or two days a week when I return. However, I know I won't last long in this company due to stress and the hours. Should I stay and try to get by for as long as I can or is being on maternity leave a great time to go on interviews?

Any tips on how to ask for maternity leave policy when getting a job offer? I really want to make sure I'm going somewhere that has something decent but they aren't on this site yet and I can't find info online for it.

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