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I am about to go out on Maternity Leave and

I am about to go out on Maternity Leave and my boss got a maternity leave cover for me. I know I'm on track to get promoted when I get back from leave. I'm really paranoid that somehow this woman is going to get my new promotion/job instead of me! Anyone else have good or bad experiences with maternity leave cover situations?

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

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My company offers "unlimited PTO." Women who go on maternity leave are not allowed to take vacation leave following maternity leave. The company has no clear policy on how many days a woman is allowed to take for vacation in the year before or after having a baby. I am very cautious to not take too much leave, but also don't want to miss out on vacation time which I should be allowed to take. I am afraid to take any vacation days leading up to childbirth and get the sense I am not allowed to take any in the year after I give birth, with the exception of sick time. Are there any laws around how unlimited vacation time policies work in tandem with maternity leave?

I have been at my current job 3 years yet I am in the final interview this week for a new job. If I get the offer how do I ask about the questions I want answers to before accepting.. such as exactly how paid or unpaid leave would apply to me if I got pregnant within my first 6-12 months on the job, benefits questions, and policies. I know the maternity leave is good but I don't know how long I must work there first before it applies to me. This would be my first pregnancy so I also don't really even know what aspects of coverage are most important and really have the biggest affect ? If my leave was unpaid would my new increased salary make up the difference in the time I'd be working to not worry about this? Any tips on what to be aware of when switching insurance and leaving an employer and starting new insurance? Thank you!

I'm just returning to work after maternity leave and the amount of emails I have to go through is enormous. Is there a way to tackle these that won't take months?

Are there any red flags when hiring a nanny? I can think of some obvious ones, but looking for things I may not know as a first-time mom.

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