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I am engaged, will be married October 2017. My fiance

I am engaged, will be married October 2017. My fiance and I want to have a family right away. Currently my job does not have paid maternity leave. Is it premature for me to advocate for paid maternity leave? My initial thought was that I need to figure this out now, otherwise maybe I should look for another job ASAP; after some research I noticed that many companies only offer paid leave to employees who have been with the company for a year.

I have a healthy relationship with my boss and feel comfortable talking to him; however, he isn't the one who makes this decision - corporate does.

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

  • Fairygodboss member

    Honesty may be the best policy here as starting a family is a normal course of events for people who marry. Address this with your boss and evaluate his advice. With all the change happening in the US concerning maternity leave you may be the pivotal employee that convinces corporate they too should give paid maternity leave. It's a right every woman, and family, are entitled to. Weigh your options carefully.

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I'm not pregnant yet but I just want to find out whether this is a good place to have a baby. Does anyone have any advice about how to get info on their company's maternity leave policy? I tried looking at our employee handbook and even on the intranet but just can't find anything. I guess I could just ask but I feel a little funny about it, especially since I'm not even expecting!

What do you feel about women who have to face a step down in their careers after giving time to their newborns and taking a break of at least six months? Did this happen to you too?

Hello, my company pays 100% of my maternity for 12 weeks. Initially I was told the process is for me to submit my state pay stubs at whatever frequency I'd like and my company would pay the difference to ensure I received 100% of my income. Last week I casually sent my HR department a note and they told me they can no longer honor that policy and won't pay the 100% until I return from maternity leave. Is there any laws to protect me in this situation? It's creating both stress and financial hardships.

Is anyone else totally freaked out about how their career is going to change after having a baby? I'm a 38 year old first time mom-to-be and while I'm thrilled I have to admit I have no idea now that the reality is upon me how anyone manages to do this working mom thing...

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