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I'm 30 and just got diagnosed as Autstic

My employment history is all over the map but I love helping people (low volume, low stress). Current job is in tech with about 20 people and only 3 other women: I need to change fields but don't know how, given my accommodation needs. Usually I suffer in silence for 1-2 years and quit. Not sure what the diagnosis changes. Help!

Fairygodboss member Elle_w

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I want to know that about Salesforce development company in USA. I confused that there are so many companies.Like: Appirio, Salesforce, Algoworks, TheNineHertz, Cognizant etc. Please let me know about quick. Thank you

The previous post is a hard act to follow, but here goes: Within a week or two, I will be laid off from the ad agency where I work. Unfortunately, this is a hazard of working at an agency. If the agency loses a major client (or, as in our case, two), staff are let go. For me, this is deja vu; at my last job, also at an agency, we lost a major client and 11 staffers were laid off (including me). The advertising industry skews quite young. I laugh when I see a job posting for a "senior" copywriter requiring only three years of experience (I have more than 20). While I am seeking a permanent, full-time position either remotely or in the Greater Philadelphia/South Jersey region, I am considering going freelance. I have had a freelance business on the side for decades, but never made the leap. So, if anyone has advice on making a living as a freelancer, let me know. Or, if you have any ideas on how to "spin" my experience in a positive way, please share. (And if you want to send a job offer my way, that's OK, too!)

I am a veteran elementary school teacher in my mid 50's and am SO ready for a career change. Suggestions?

I had a job interview last Thursday (about 7 days ago now.) My interviews started on Wednesday with a short phone interview before I was asked to come in for a short-notice in-person interview the next day. I met two interviewers on Thursday. On Friday, I sent a personalized thank you email to all three of my interviewers to thank them for their time and reiterate my interest in the position. I really felt like the interviews went well, and I feel like I would be an excellent fit for the position I was interviewing for. In my thank you email, I asked one of my interviewers when they were planning to make a hiring decision. It has now been 6 days later, and I have not received a response from any of my interviewers and I'm becoming increasingly anxious about the whole ordeal. Since I have not received a response yet, is it likely that I should give up on this opportunity and cut my losses or should I reach out to follow up again?

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