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I recently got engaged, will be married October 2017. My

I recently got engaged, will be married October 2017. My fiance and I want to start a family right away. My job does not have paid maternity leave. Would it be premature for me to advocate for paid leave? My initial thought process was to figure this out as soon as possible. Maybe I should start looking for another job; researching other companies I noticed that most (all the one's that I saw) require employees to have been employed for a year before being offered paid maternity leave.

If I could have my way I would stay where I am at and get paid leave.

I have a positive relationship with my boss and can talk about this with him, however; he isn't the one who ultimately makes this decision, corporate does.

Fairygodboss member web64

  • Fairygodboss member

    It would not be premature because the internal approval process will likely take a while, and you are helping other women who would benefit from a paid leave period. I worked with other women at previous employer to advocate for paid family leave even though I had no plans to have a child while working for that employer because it's the right thing to do. Connect with other employees that could make the collective case with you.

    Also, you raise the one year employment condition to receive paid leave. You should know that in most states that one year employment condition is also a condition for unpaid FMLA protected leave. So if you don't work for the employer for a year prior to going on maternity leave they are legally not obligated to continue to pay your health insurance and other employer benefits.

    Good luck!

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My salary and benefits package is set at a national level. How do I effectively negotiate for myself when my local contacts have no power in setting my compensation? My local boss has agreed that a change needs to be made, has discussed on my behalf with our local senior leadership and president, all of whom agreed with the new offer (which was created without my input, so I have not idea what changes the offer included). When passed on to the national HR department, it was shot down. How do you handle negotiation when local boss and co president approve pay change, but it's denied by national HR department? Do I try to move forward in pushing the subject, or is it time to jump ship and find a new opportunity?

Good morning! I am seriously stressing about tell my work I am pregnant. Right now I am 9 weeks and 3 days. I work in a very competitive industry (recruiting) just got promoted to Assistant Manager this year and the bosses are mostly men. Its a small business so you would think its family friendly but its not so much. I take on a huge work load and I know it will be upsetting to them (As happy as I am) I know there is nothing they can do legally but I am still scared. I am 38 years old, this is my first, have been at this small company for 8 years. Hard worker for sure so this will be unexpected. I know they do not have maternity leave here so we follow what the state offers. We get short term disability in New Jersey ( 4 weeks before, 6 after) and then I think we can take 6 weeks of FMLA. Now I know once I tell them they do ask what my plan is. I honestly have no idea what my plan is!! Do I need the 4 weeks before? After how long! Also, I am going on a preplanned vacation April 1-10, do I tell them when I get back or before I leave? Thank you in advance for ANY help, advice, I am quite stressed out!

May i get the contact number ?

I was planning on working right up until the very last possible moment so as to have the longest maternity leave I can but I'm feeling so exhausted these last few weeks that I almost just want to start my mat leave now. Anyone else have any suggestions about what to do? All I want to do is sleep (but I can't! b/c it's not comfortable).

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