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I was planning on working right up until the very

I was planning on working right up until the very last possible moment so as to have the longest maternity leave I can but I'm feeling so exhausted these last few weeks that I almost just want to start my mat leave now. Anyone else have any suggestions about what to do? All I want to do is sleep (but I can't! b/c it's not comfortable).

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

  • Fairygodboss member

    With my first child I went 2 full weeks post-due date. I ended up taking a full week of leave before my son was born because I was so miserable! I did not regret it. There are pros and cons that I’m sure you’ve considered (good to stay busy, bad to complain too much at work, etc.) but my experience did not detract from spending time with my baby post-partum. I will say that to count that pre-baby week as maternity leave, I had to get a special note from my doctor to insurance.

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Does anyone here work for a major financial institution in the new york metropolitan area? I have yet to find a straight answer on the internet or the company website regarding when my eligibilty for 16 week paid maternity leave would start. Are paid maternity leave benefits usually the same across the board for all major financial firms? I just found out I am pregnant (in my first trimester) and by the time I take my maternity leave I would be only nine months in my new job. Would like to hear about your company's eligibility requirements for paid maternity leave here please. Thank you so much...

I am about to go out on Maternity Leave and my boss got a maternity leave cover for me. I know I'm on track to get promoted when I get back from leave. I'm really paranoid that somehow this woman is going to get my new promotion/job instead of me! Anyone else have good or bad experiences with maternity leave cover situations?

I am considering a move to a new company and their maternity policy states that employees receive 3 months fully paid. It does not specify a minimum length of time one must be employed with the company to receive this benefit. Am I then legally protected to receive this benefit if I end up becoming pregnant within the first year of employment? Or must I clarify now (before deciding to accept the job) that I will receive this benefit regardless of my length of employment? I am nervous to be unhappily surprised down the road but also skeptical about bringing up this clarifying question now considering I am not currently pregnant. Would very much appreciate thoughts/help on this topic!

My baby was born on week 31, i forecasted my leave to give myself at least 2 weeks before the baby, while I felt perfectly ok to stay, all was uneventful and smal baby. I ended up going in labor the day after I left work. Than with the premie size came jaundice and 5 day back in the hospital. So i asked for the form about 5 days after the baby was born. When I still didn’t have it 2 weeks after that I called HR. I didn’t call sooner, bc I didn’t want to be obnoxious, I was the first female in the company pregnant staff, not management. HR told me they mailed it. I never received it. Which is interesting, since all well wishes and presents arrived just fine. So they sent me another via mail. I filled it out and faxed it back. Than next day they told me it is outside of the time the form/application process so I lost the benefit. I didn’t fight it, bc I wanted to come back, not be given pressure for pumping ...etc. I now look back and I feel I was cheated. Is there a deadline really for the form or I was just told something to go away? After my pregnncy I told everybody else to be sure they get the form or have their husband push it. Mine was only 3-4 weeks. That claim of the mail I’m not buying.

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