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Interpreting mat leave policy when considering a new job opportunity

I am considering a move to a new company and their maternity policy states that employees receive 3 months fully paid. It does not specify a minimum length of time one must be employed with the company to receive this benefit. Am I then legally protected to receive this benefit if I end up becoming pregnant within the first year of employment? Or must I clarify now (before deciding to accept the job) that I will receive this benefit regardless of my length of employment? I am nervous to be unhappily surprised down the road but also skeptical about bringing up this clarifying question now considering I am not currently pregnant. Would very much appreciate thoughts/help on this topic!

Fairygodboss member Anonymous

  • Fairygodboss member

    If it will make the difference on whether you take the job or not, then you need to ask the question. I agree that you should ask it after you are made a firm offer. Typically, after an offer is made, he or she will ask if you have any other questions. That is the time to ask it. Additionally, do not make any assumptions regarding PTO. Ask how it is earned, accrued, etc. I have known companies that say 10 vacation days, but then when you get there, you learn you must have worked one year to earn it.

  • Fairygodboss member

    If you're not pregnant and don't mind asking, I would just ask after you are confident that you have an offer (I'm not sure whether you do or don't). Different companies have different policies about when paid maternity leave kicks in and whether you have to have a certain amount of tenure. 1 year is very common, to my knowledge, but I've also seen some more generous tenure policies that range from 0-6 months. If you really don't feel comfortable asking, perhaps seek out another woman here who works at the company or through your personal network to ask?

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